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Scam Savvy

Protect yourself against Fraud and Scams

Age Concern Wanganui is bringing Scam Savvy back to Whanganui presented by staff from our local Bank of NZ branch.

Open to everyone, you will hear how to be alert to phone scams, credit card and lottery scams......and more.

Have you ever had an email asking you for bank account passwords, or an offer to claim some money you've won, or inherited? Perhaps you feel as though you're being put under pressure by someone to hand over your money, or sign something you're not sure about.

Financial abuse is the most prevalent form of abuse against the elderly in New Zealand …and it's on the rise.

At Age Concern Wanganui we've dealt with many cases where people have been scammed into handing over money - sometimes substantial amounts.

Financial abuse comes in many forms, including taking money or property, forging a signature, getting an older person to sign a will or power of attorney{POA) through deception or undue influence.

Many individuals and companies particularly target the elderly to exploit them of their money … and it's on the increase.

The BNZ has developed a toolkit to use to educate the community on the different types of financial scams and how to avoid them with Wanganui branch staff very keen to educate people on how to recognise and avoid scammers and fraudsters.

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